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An Exhibition at Gwynn Hall, Mizzou

My initial idea came through experimentation with paper origami. The unique shape of the origami intrigued me so I started looking at it through different angles. I realized, when looking at different angles, some parts are shown while some are hidden. I wanted to use origami to express my feelings toward the question “Which is more important?” because I believe both human and wildlife are important. No doubt urban expansion will push animals out of their habitat, especially birds. However, living in a city makes our life much more convenient and easier than ever before. It is really hard to argue whether expanding urbanization is the right choice or not. I made a few modifications on my original design to achieve my purpose. The front is protruded in an angle that represents a bird’s beak. The back cape looks like a bird’s wing and creates movement while spinning. I created a digital print with the top ten endangered bird species in America, along with other birds to represent the beauty of birds. When the garment is folded, one can see the landscape of New York City. New York City is one of the most populous, well-developed cities in the world, in a manner representing the wisdom and intelligence of mankind. I combined the city and the birds together in order to emphasize the dilemma between nature and the city.

Endangered Fauna and Fashion Exhibition: Image
Endangered Fauna and Fashion Exhibition: Work
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